Liz Wood

I am a writer, editor, and educator who specializes in fostering students' reading comprehension, analytical thinking, and writing skills.


I provide support to students of all ages in the NYC area—from middle school to post-collegiate and career—to build competence and nurture a sense of confidence as a writer and a reader.

My specialties include growing students’ writing and reading comprehension skills; developing scaffolded curricula to improve understanding of outlining, clarity, and flow; building study skills and positive planning behaviors; and assistance in structuring and editing college entrance essays.

  • Writing Enrichment Using Personally Tailored Curricula

  • Reading Comprehension Skill-Building

  • College Essay Coaching


I have extensive experience facilitating lasting growth in students of all ages in the NYC area. Since my move to NYC in 2013, I have combined my experience as an editor and educator with my love of the benefits of one-on-one teaching to develop a dynamic mentoring style that matches the needs of all students—and to meet the demands of NYC's rigorous academic and professional environments.



Writing and Reading Comprehension Instructor in the NYC Area
2013 to present

Freelance Editor
Commercial and academic
2009 to present

Adjunct Instructor
2013 to 2015

Features Editor
The Rumpus
2015 to present



M.F.A. Creative Writing
Degree earned 2016

B.A. Rhetoric; B.A. Political Economy
UC Berkeley
Degrees earned 2008


Skill Sets & Languages

Essay Writing

Research Paper Planning, Organization, and Writing

Improved Professional Communication

Analytical Thinking

Executive Thinking

Reading Comprehnesion




American Literature, 18th century to present

European Literature, medieval to present

Latin American Literature, colonial to present

American History, 17th century to present

World Civilizations

Modern Political History

Government & Politics



Professor Wood is definitely one of my favorite professors and I wish I could take her for Intermediate Fiction. She creates a very dynamic atmosphere to give and get feedback for our work. There are lots of readings but they’re very necessary. Also, she’s just a cool person and very talented.
— Anonymous student, from Rate My Professors
Ms. Wood is the best. She’s kind and has a genuine interest in teaching, and is a great writer to boot. I’m sad that I won’t be able to take anymore classes with her (she is an MFA student) but if she does pursue academia, take my advice and take her class! Down to earth, fun, and caring. What more can you ask for?
— Anonymous student, from Rate My Professors


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